The Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars That Suggest They Might Not Be Totally Eco-Friendly

Posted on Apr 4, 2019 in Eco-friendly and safety of cars

The Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars That Suggest They Might Not Be Totally Eco-Friendly

A hybrid car is a distinct vehicle that uses two or more types of power source for propulsion. It combines petrol and diesel engine with an electric motor to function. Hybrid vehicles have an advantage that it emits less carbon dioxide than a conventional car. But the disadvantages of hybrid cars can outweigh its benefits. If you are planning to buy a hybrid vehicle, it is recommended that you have a look at these disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Vehicles:

There are several cons of hybrid cars that are often overlooked.

  • Mileage:

The best hybrid cars can only give you an average of 50 miles per gallon which is nearly 5 MPG less than a standard Japanese car.

  • Size:

Hybrid cars can be seriously uncomfortable for tall customers. For individuals above 6 feet in height, these vehicles can be a real pain in the back.

  • Cost:

The most important factor in buying a vehicle is its cost. And hybrid vehicles are overly expensive. The materials used to make these vehicles are very light and not so durable. In can easily get damaged even in small accidents and cost you a fortune to repair even small dents.

  • Dangerous:

Many people often overlook the importance of test drives. Test drivers have revealed that hybrid cars are very dangerous due to its lightweight, small space and size. Drivers cannot see outside the car and it is impossible for other drivers to hear you coming from behind which can be dangerous not just for you but for others too.

It is strongly recommended that you analyze these disadvantages and ask yourself should I buy a hybrid?

disadvantages of hybrid cars

Hybrids are not as green as they have been made out to be

Hybrid cars have some great advantages but also potential negative effects too:

Most of the hybrid cars use dirty electricity source to work. Just because it needs electricity does not mean it uses total clean energy. The energy sources differ from city to city and country to country. Many cities use coal and oil to power their electricity grid. This may result in more pollution-emitting due to hybrids.

Yes, hybrids reduce emissions but not by a very large margin. The effect is only at 10% reduced emissions. Combined with the fact that these vehicles may use coal and oil power grids to generate power, the pollution may significantly increase.

There are some strong cases behind the positives of hybrid vehicles but similarly several other reasons to not buy a hybrid car. Analyze and summaries the pros and cons and make your decision.